Originally from Maryland, Linda spent her childhood living along the Old National Pike between Hagerstown and Clear Spring, on a small farm. There was a brick house and barn, outbuildings, an outhouse, and a small assortment of animals. Surrounding them were miles of woods, fields, farms, and a hand full of houses.


     This was before computers and video games, there was not even a tv in the house. Instead they had the outdoors, filled with an endless variety of wild and domestic animals. Linda and her friends had trees to climb, woods to hike through, and creeks to swim in. They had snowball fights in the winter, and hedge apple fights in the summer. When the sun went down, they could put together an awesome game of hide and seek.


     When Linda was not adventuring out in the wild, she drew, painted, and constructed art. She recalls some fairly impressive crayon murals done for school bulletin boards, numerous art contests, exhibitions, and blue ribbons for paintings entered at the fair.


     After growing up in the country, she went off to the city. Linda attended the Philadelphia College of Art, currently known as the University of the Arts, and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Illustration. Today she makes her home in West Virginia.